Introducing Dr. Maurizio Miglietta

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In our last post, we told you we would be introducing Dr. Maurizio Miglietta, the renowned trauma surgeon who designed our versatile, life-saving packs beginning in 2007.

Almost any biography you find on him will tell you that he survived a jetliner crash at one, he was run over by a car at eight, and, at 10, he escaped unhurt when a gas stove exploded, badly burning another boy.

‘I was destined for a career in emergencies,’ says Dr. Miglietta.

Miglietta_Dr. Maurizio_NY Presbyterian/Columbia Univ. Medical Cnt.

And preparing us for them is exactly what he has done.

Miglietta also serves as police surgeon for the Secret Service’s New York field office, which became the impetus Tactical Medical Packs.

A Secret Service agent approached Miglietta to develop a medical kit he could carry in his suit pocket for use in worst-case scenarios, and Miglietta, understanding the value of immediate medical attention, responded by creating a prototype of what would become the TAC-PACK— complete with a CPR micro-shield, bandages, gauze, tape, abdominal pad, respirator mask, occlusive dressing, and latex-free gloves.

There are now six trauma packs available for groups ranging from military personnel to law enforcement agencies to outdoor sports enthusiasts. These pocket-sized packs have been sold around the world.

“I felt it was my responsibility as a physician to always be prepared,” he says. “If something happens in front of me, everything I need to save someone’s life is in my pocket. There’s no excuse not to carry it.”

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Be Prepared with Tactical Medical Packs

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One value that everyone shares is an appreciation of the value of human life. Because of this, everyone should take advantage of Tactical Medical Packs’ industry-leading features: a trauma kit small enough to be worn in a suit pocket, yet capable of offering the essential tools needed to treat various injuries. We offer several different Packs designed specifically around your needs.

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While these professional grade products are designed for medics, EMT’s, police officers, sheriffs, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and other high-risk personnel, they are also now available to the general public.

Everyone should have a Tactical Medical Pack in their car, at work, at home, and everywhere else that that time is spent so we can all be prepared for any type of injury – minor to major. These emergency medical packs are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can keep them in your briefcase, purse, or even your pocket. Our Packs are also vacuum sealed so they are concealable and water-resistant.

Having a Tactical Medical Pack can mean the difference between saving a life and losing a life.

What will you do when an emergency strikes? Will you be prepared? What if you, a fellow motorist, or even a loved one sustains serious injuries? Will you be equipped to help them? Tactical Medical Packs can be your solution.

In our next post, we will introduce Dr. Maurizio Miglietta, the renowned trauma surgeon who designed our versatile, life-saving packs. You can also get to know our spokesperson, former Seal Team 6 medic, Don Mann.

Want to know more about Tactical Medical Packs or get in touch with us? Check out our website.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay protected, and always be prepared for an emergency.